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Well positioned and benefiting from good transport links, Way of the Spiritual Warrior was created to exist within the community, for the community. We pride ourselves on our diverse and all-inclusive, welcoming approach to people in our local and surrounding areas. We have a fully functioning, all-purpose fitness centre that benefits from ample indoor spaces, matted floors, air conditioned rooms and adequate parking. We sincerely believe that martial arts are a vehicle for developing your human potential. Martial arts is not about picking your fights and deciding how things go, it's about adapting to how things are.

The Way of The Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts Dojo & fitness Centre, Coventry

It’s a way of life


We feel fortunate to be able to help our members with the challenges dealt to us by every-day life. Stress, depression, anxiety, obesity, self-confidence, can all be helped by regular exercise. Martial arts is not about fighting; it's about building character. We would prefer to only ever fight for fun (and sport) and feel fortunate to be able to find fun in the fight.



Award-winning Martial Arts programmes for Adults and Children in Coventry, Bedworth And Nuneaton The Way of the Spiritual Warrior provides both on-site and in-house martial arts programmes for schools, colleges, youth and community groups. Practising martial arts has been proven to improve confidence, discipline and self-esteem amongst young adults. In many cases where we have worked with disenfranchised and non-school-engaging children / young adults, our exciting programmes have demonstrably improved the level of participation by engaging the students in focus driven dynamic activities.

The WOSW Team, Martial Arts Dojo & fitness Centre, Coventry
The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

Coventry’s No.1 Award-Winning Martial Arts Academy, Dojo & Fitness centre is an inspiring purpose-built facility created for today’s Martial Arts & fitness enthusiast, young and old, novice to the experienced.

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